( West Kelowna) @ NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Maximum 6 persons / $400 Champagne Toast included! / Bookings available May thru October


Ceremony Packages



The "Simple Ceremony" includes:

- A pre-wedding interview
- A custom crafted ceremony

Ceremony Cost: $700

Additional travel charges of $1/per km if outside Kelowna city limits



The "Mindful Ceremony" includes:

- A pre-wedding interview
- A custom crafted ceremony
- The rehearsal

Ceremony Cost: $850

Additional travel charges of $1/per km if outside Kelowna city limits



The "Thorough Ceremony" includes:

- A pre-wedding interview
- A custom crafted ceremony
- The rehearsal
- The "Before We Say I Do” Seminar (2hrs)

Ceremony Cost: $1200

Additional travel charges of $1/per km if outside Kelowna city limits

NEW SERVICE: Wedding Day Coordination

As the former creator of ‘Lady in Black Custom Catering,’ in Calgary Alberta, I have enjoyed working with many large groups, designing both the food & beverage component, along with live music, invitations, floral designs, and décor. I also have an extensive background in the hotel and restaurant industry and have mounted many special events in my day.

That was then, and now is now…and I am aware of how many good full-service Wedding Planners that exists in the Okanagan Valley!

That is why I prefer to work with couples who are looking to create an intimate experience for themselves and guests. I tailor my wedding day coordination service to groups numbering under 24, helping to alleviate some of the details of the day, so that you can enjoy just getting ready to show up and affirm your Vows, then celebrate away!

Wedding Day Coordinator Service

I simply arrange your food and beverage choices, flowers, wedding cake, and simple décor, ensuring everything is delivered and set up in a timely manner. I would also be the point person to ensure that all the other components arranged by you, flow as smoothly as possible. I will remain on site until after the wedding ceremony.

This would leave you to be responsible for your invitations, music, and photographer/videographer. However, the latter is most often parsed out to a family member or guest.

I am most certainly amenable to assist you with other arrangements such as recommending live music, or photographers whom I have worked with, and endorse.

Cost: $1500 plus materials Onsite hosting an additional $75/hr

Please note that my wedding day coordination service is only available to those couples who have chosen me as their Marriage officiant.

Weddings With a Difference

The love you share together is unique onto itself,
so perhaps you might wish to create a ceremony that
gives voice to your unique expression of life?

Have you thought about taking yourself back in time when Gods and Goddesses guided the mystical path of the people? Perhaps you are close to the earth and would like to incorporate the ritual gifts of native chants and drumming. Or maybe, in your ceremonial commitment, you strongly feel your lineage and wish to create the entire event honoring your ancestral heritage.

If you would rather choose a more traditional style of ceremony, here are some optional rituals designed to include special family members or your guests:

For the Bride and Groom:

  • Commemorative candle honoring those who are not physically in attendance but are spiritually present.
  • Commitment vows are a heartfelt expression between the bride and groom
  • Exchange of the Roses — symbolizes both the spiritual and material aspects of marriage.
  • Hand Fasting — a Celtic tradition that savors the blessing found in the power of three.

For mothers, the bride and groom and the children in second marriage ceremonies:

  • A Unity Candle/Sand Ceremony — the lighting of which symbolizes a new energy, a new love and a new commitment in our world.

For your families and all your guests:

  • A Blessing Stone — a painted stone passed amongst your guests for all to embrace and give of their blessing.

Spiritual vs. Religious

When couples come to me during our pre-wedding interview, one of the questions I ask them is: “do you wish your spiritual or religious beliefs to be reflected in your ceremony?” most often the answer I get, (and one of the main reason I was chosen as their marriage officiate in the first place) “we are not religious, so no!” Then I ask: “what do you mean when you use the word religious?” they respond: “we don’t go to church or practice any kind of religion.”

I then point out that if they sense or believe that there is some greater power or intelligence or “something” going on, but they just don’t have a name or engage in any organization or practice around this belief, they are experiencing their spiritual nature, as we are all born spiritual beings. Meaning that inherent within us is the full compliment of mystery, infinite possibility, the joy, power, love and creative intelligence and capacity of the divine cause back of all creation.

Without naming or defining “it”, as our beliefs are personal and unique to each one of us, I end up reflecting “that something, that mystery, which indeed played a part of them being together and will continue to be a part of the evolution of their curiosity, love and acceptance for self, family, community and their own inner journey.

And what this feels like through the words in the ceremony is a gentle sacredness of love and life, the potential of its unfoldment, holding open a space for eminent change and the ability to adapt to it – and all the while being eternally connected to life’s possibility and magnificence.

Ceremonies are carefully crafted to represent who you are in all ways. It is about you as the love you are, your expression of this love, your commitment to self and another if this is the case, and your journey into openness, connection, and creation of something greater than you have experienced and known before.

Typical Order of Ceremony

(Optional Hand Fasting)

(Optional Commemorative Candle)

(Optional Unity Candle/Sand Ceremony)

Words on Love and Marriage

(Optional reading or song by a family member)

Ring Exchange
(Optional Stone Blessing Ritual)
(Optional reading or song by a family member)


Pronouncement of Marriage

Signing of the Registry

Commitment of Family and Friends

Presentation of Couple


Wedding Photos


Love and Appreciation From Our Clients

  • I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony you led for us. It was incredibly moving, spiritual and meaningful to EVERYONE – THE YOUNG, OLD, TRADITIONAL, UNCONVENTIONAL, RELIGIOUS AND THE NON-RELIGIOUS. A lot of people said it was the first time they’d actually listened to the words being said at a wedding ceremony I heard from so, so, so many people that it was the most beautiful ceremony they’d ever been a part of. While I’m obviously biased, I have to agree. You are an incredibly passionate, caring and intuitive person and that really came through in your words. You were a calming and trusted presence during a very important moment in our lives. Thank you for paying attention to the important things about us, about love and about marriage. The ceremony was so important to us and you really made it more beautiful than we ever could have imagined. You really made the day a special one for everyone there. THANK YOU! with love.

  • We could never thank you enough for what you did to make our wedding the most wonderful, sacred and timeless ritual. You poured your whole heart, soul and wisdom into it. You made that moment about us, as if there was no one else in the room – but also as though everyone there, and everyone who has ever touched our lives was present as well. It is a moment that will forever stand still in time, and in our hearts. This is the most beautiful gift a couple could hope for. Thank you. All our love.

    Morgan and Dan
  • We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done for us. You truly are an amazing person. Your ceremony was so beautiful, we know you invested a lot of time and thought into our wedding, understanding us both completely. All of our guests were in awe with you, they said that they had never experiences such a beautiful ceremony with such meaning and that you are such an amazing person. You will be with us in our memories for the rest of our lives, you truly have given us a gift. Thank you Nadene for everything, you truly have a gift that we are so grateful to have received. All our love to you.

    Helen and Paul
  • Both Meg and I have been sitting on this for a little while, trying to come up with the right words to express how….grateful we are for the ceremony your performed for us. I can think of none but a simple yet heartfelt “thank you” from both of us. The ceremony was everything you promised it would be, and more. I have good positive comments from everyone who went. One couple even described it as “an ethereal moment, like a storybook. I could close my eyes and just feel the love present.” Thank for making our day memorable, thank you for starting off or married life on such a strong and positive footing.

    Meg and Russ
  • Thank you for being such an integral part of our very special day! Our wedding ceremony was absolutely beautiful and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the way the entire evening unfolded…it was perfect for us! We have heard so many positive comments from our guests about how thoughtfully, accurate your words were about the relationship Jarem and I have together, and will strive to have in our near and distant futures. We appreciate everything you did to make our wedding so incredibly memorable. Thank you, thank you again for turning our thoughts and dreams into a wonderful reality! Love Jarem and AdamWe are happy that you united our love in marriage. The ceremony was so special, it not only moved Danny and I to another level of love and commitment, but all of our guests were also touched very deeply. So thank you for being a light for us and our families and friends. Your words and blessings will be with us for eternity. Love and Light.

    Rebecca and Danny
  • Your ceremony really touched both of us, it was so personal and everything you said to us really spoke to our hearts. We weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the ceremony either – almost every single person we spoke with throughout the reception commented on how special and beautiful our ceremony was. My parents were so happy about the ceremony that they told my brothers to use you when they get married. And we had one couple who are friends of ours say that if they ever renew their vows, they will be calling you! Many people told us they cried during the ceremony, even our dads because what you said really hit home to them. Our ceremony was exactly what we were looking for, we can’t thank you enough.

    Derek and Colette
  • We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated having you as our marriage officiate. The ceremony was so powerful and profound for the both of us and our guests too. It truly was magical and it definitely spoke the truth. We can’t put into words how great it was! Such an awesome way to embark into a new phase in our lives together. Thank you so much!

    Laurina and Chris
  • We want to thank you for such an amazing personal and unique ceremony…we could never have imagined the beautiful words spoken and emotions evoked. It was a truly surreal and magical time, those few moments. We have received so many compliments on the ceremony and we have to truly divert all these flattering comments to you. Thank you for making August 25th so very extraordinary.

    Jennifer and Lauren
  • We want to thank you for making our day so wonderful. Thank yo for bringing your wisdom and spirituality to our ceremony and making it tailored to us. It’s exactly how we wanted to start our journey together.

    Emily and Dan
  • Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony, it was perfect. You took the time to get to know us and brought such a special touch to the ceremony. Craig and I were both so pleased and as you could tell, very emotional. You brought so many wonderful words and thoughts to our ceremony, everything so meaningful. The stone, we keep beside our bed and often pick it up and hold it thinking about our day and everyone who was there to bless us through it. We will never forget you and will remember the meaning you brought to our day.

    Craig and Michelle
  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! From the bottom of our hearts we extend our gratitude to you. You kept us calm and released, bringing a few smiles and good laughs throughout. Almost every single one of our guest have commented to us about how marvellous our ceremony was; you are the best officiate they have ever had the pleasure to listen to. We were more than pleased and your warmth and generosity are always with us.

    Wayne and Stephanie
  • Thank you so much for our lovely ceremony. We had tons of compliments on you and the originality of the service. You know even though there were 200 people in attendance we both said after that it felt at times like it was only the 2 of us. You touched us deeply. We won’t ever forget you and you will always have a special place in our hearts for making our day perfect. Thanks, you were wonderful.

    Wendy and Ian
  • We struggle to find words to adequately express how profoundly you have impacted our relationship and our lies. From the first time we met you, we felt as though we had known you before. You touched our souls in a deep indescribable way. We feel blessed to have been touched by the hand and heart of such an amazing person as yourself. Every guest we spoke to expressed that our ceremony was the most intimate and personal ceremony that they had ever attended. Most believed that you had known Tyler and I personally for some time. You truly captured our individual characters as well as our identity as a couple. Thank you for truly breathing the essence of our relationship into the ceremony. It was a profound spiritual experience that will guide our lives and our love always. With much gratitude and love.

    Shannon and Tyler
  • From the very bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! Our ceremony was just the most beautiful thing that we have ever been a part of. You were fabulous and we still have people talking about you and wanting to know where they can find you. I’ve given out your website to a few people looking to renew their vows, namely our brother and his wife Terah! You made such an impact on us and on our family and friends. Thank you endlessly for creating such a beautiful space for our marriage to begin. We are still blown away!

    Sydney and Kendel