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To Thine Own Self Be True: to Marry or Not?

Two strangers and a wedding’s chosen ones Kimberley and Jeff had no idea how strong a vote was cast into the collective unconscious of “would be wedders” when they said “NO.”

In a moment, the two who were willing to have faith that love can be blind, met each other face to face in the courage to say no to their dream.

Up until that moment, it seemed that everything was in their favor to vilify their intellectual satisfaction with their hearts deeper knowing. Everything except time.

Kimberley and Jeff, under extreme amounts of media, familial and personal pressure came out the other end with their integrity. How inspiring is that!

From the time I was asked to participate in this social experiment until that very moment, I sensed that divine order would have its way with these young hopefuls. It is not my position to judge love’s longing for itself, as Kimberley said to me in our interview: “Love comes in all shapes and we are often surprised by its form, but we must stay open to it.”

There is an All Knowing, All Loving Infinite Intelligence that works through Its creation, whose nature is Love which will attract to Itself whatever experience is needed in order to know Itself.

This is a Life Principle that can be substantiated not only by the great mystical minds throughout the ages, but by science.

Why then are so many not able to be true to themselves by saying NO in the desire for long lasting love?

Because the way in which so many of us love, is wrapped in a cloak of fear to reveal who we believe we are and unawareness to the mechanics of spiritual principle. There is only One.

This, therefore, presupposes our expectations to be made “complete” by another’s love. And after many dreams are dashed after the words: “I DO” have been spoken…….eventually we discover the true reason for relationship: a way in which to practice the art of discovering and sharing our truth. It has nothing to do with “another” in fact in each moment the reality we have created to reflect back to us (by means of it) gives us two options: a) to hold on to who we believe ourselves to be or b) to exercise our inherent freedom to make a different choice.

So many couples that have sat with me in their pre-wedding interviews are confused as to what a marital vow truly is.

Traditionally it is an oath taken in love of and commitment to another for eternity, no matter what life may bring.

Is this an eternal sense of obligation or a joyful moment by moment commitment to self.

Any vow made is not a mindful and loving oath unless the one making it, has had the courage to deeply look in earnest at themselves and realize that anything they think they lack can only be found within themselves. A marital vow needs to be a commitment to self to grow in deeper connection with their own true nature as one with the Spirit of All. It is from this place, and this place only, hat the kind of love we all want – a love that frees us to be who we are, can grow.

Any commitment made to another with the expectation, consciously or unconsciously that getting their needs met are dependant upon someone outside themselves, is doomed to create a frustrating, lonely and ultimately a joyless end.

To Thine Own Self Be True is evidence through the coming together of the individual mind and heart carrying its memories and visions into trusting in a deeper Intelligence. An Intelligence whose nature is whole, complete and perfect in and of Itself.

There is nothing more gratifying and humbling then to experience the true meaning of love – the willingness to stand in the integrity of the nature of Love no matter what the seeming loss.

Thanks Kimberley and Jeff for staying open to Love.

Your inner spark is serving to put out fires all across the Nation.

Thank you for taking the time to practice being the Love you are, it is a twisty road indeed but the essence of the evolution of our humanity. This is the journey that brings us back into the wholeness and truth of who we are where the mystic marriage of our humanity and our divinity are realized. 

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