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Take Heart – No matter where you are in Love’s journey

Losses just build upon losses, as does Love build upon itself. Love is what created us and keeps us alive – we must keep love alive. Inevitably loss must occur in love as the nature of love is to create, expand and express. We can’t expand our expression, our experience of love without letting something go.

As we grow to embody the unlimited source of love inside of us, we do so whether in an intimate relationship or not, whether we are very social or anti-social, whether suffering loss, feeling betrayed or unforgiving or simply happy just in relationship with ourselves as our beloved. For we live to express who we are and who we are becoming by how we choose our thoughts, our words, and actions which is subject to change.

The question becomes in this universe of mirrored reflection of our belief system – are we choosing love or not?

If we want love in our lives, we all know it doesn’t come from repressing or expressing resentment, anger, arrogance, insolence or judgment but what we often have challenge with, is how to be loving when we feel these dark, imposing emotions lodged in our repetitive need to justify, reason or be affirmed in our belief. Right? Right.

You may even be in relationship now with a new and intriguing friend, work associate or lover – perhaps unaware or aware that you are not fully present or ‘all in.’ We bring all unresolved feelings from previous relationship experiences and our silent need to protect ourselves wherever we are with whoever touches our heart.

Again, our challenge seems to be keeping our hearts open, being vulnerable when all we instinctively want to do is run away, hide, kill someone or numb ourselves.

Ah yes, numbing ourselves -addictions…new relationships, work, work, work – substance abuse et all. We know it well. We are learning that resolve within ourselves has nothing to do with the ‘other’ because it is our perceptions which create, sustain and project our inner conflict into all our relationships. The good news being that these wounds or places where we are divided within ourselves get transformed in love’s presence – meaning in the presence of loving ourselves.

I am sure you have worked through much self-disdain and lack of worth whether having been the one to leave or the one having been left. You will have also undoubtedly noticed the persistence with which the unlimited source of life/love peeks through the cracks in your broken heart or edgy mind to breathe more life into the truth of who you really are. It is the way of things, the ebb, and flow of life. The process of coming home to ourselves.

All moment are precious because they carry the truth of our natural selves, a spiritual wholeness, perfection, and completeness just as we are.

So, I propose that it is no longer about “why” we choose these thoughts that form behaviors, it is only about what is the vision we hold for ourselves as loving human beings in a loving world. That’s it.

Never be afraid to detach from beliefs that you feel make you who you are. Even life-affirming beliefs in a specific form have their day and need to be retired! We can start in any mental state, whether hating, healing or handling our place in love’s presence, as long as we start right where we are. It is when we hold others accountable for meeting our needs or cast our vision of love beyond what it is we control (which is creating our reality in alignment with a harmonious and loving relationship with the truth of who we are) that the experience of loving relationship with another eludes us.

Think about this. Think about it hard. Give space for your true nature in all its unlimited possibility to grow you, as you lean into the healing power of love. Do it now and watch your experience change. Love is what we believe it to be. It is what inspires and sustains life and our quality of livingness.
I know you are in the perfect place in your life to know love in unimaginable ways. Whether you share it or not will always be up to you.

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