Release and Re Vision

Setting the Course for New Adventures

We can think we have ‘let go’ of a direction, a career, a person, an identity but have we really? Thinking and declaring something is so, is only a piece of the process. Inherent in release is change however true release doesn’t happen without its counterpart re visioning. Identifying that ‘new something’ that is calling us forward and readying ourselves to hold the space for it to come into our experience, is transformative and inspires us into action in our new direction.

Release and Revision Ceremony Outline

Setting of Intention

Words on Release

Burning Bowl/Candle Ceremony


Calling in 4 Directions

Words on Revision

Lighting of Revision Candle

Guided Meditation

Affirming the New Vision


$550 (up to 12) $750 (for Community)
Travel fee, $1.00/km round trip outside of Kelowna City Limits.