Home and Office Blessings

Preparing the Space to
Welcome in the New

Our home or office is a type of container in which our dreams, intentions and goals are placed for sacred discovery and manifestation. These spaces are an extension of who we are as we expand in our own ideas of what is possible for us in life. Energetically, affirmations support the clearing of what has gone before, if the home or office has been occupied by others before you, and helps to seed your intentions moving forward through your participation in this experience.

Nadene will smudge with sage and sweetgrass to clear old energy in preparation for the client’s new intentions. The setting of intentions around the usage and desired experience to be felt in each room is spoken by client/family/staff member. Candles can also be lit in this ceremony, and/or crystal energy placed, to ground the intentions and call in through the Law of Mind in action, an affirmative response.

Blessing Fee: $295
Travel fee, $1.00/km round trip outside of Kelowna City Limits.