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So many concerns arise in our relationships, usually beginning with what we are not experiencing to our liking.

When we dwell on this, the universal law of correspondence brings to us more of the same. As everything is energy in some vibration or another, what we don’t like draws to us energy of the same vibration since this universe, whether outside of us or in responds in kind.

Therefore instead of trying to fix what isn’t working by focusing on our partner, our colleague our children or parents, perhaps we could focus on what we can change, which at the root of any condition outside of us is the energy being emitted by our thoughts.

In metaphysics or the realm beyond the physical, our core belief systems made up of repetitive thoughts and emotions to secure them, is cause to our effect. It other words, thought ARE things and our choosing of them manifests a like reality.

If you are not in appreciation, curiosity, or peacefulness in your relationship(s) you can change that.

Not by working on the level where the conditions are existing but by taking the time to be with yourself to listen, be honest around what you find, get clear on your intentions in relationship, and set a new cause (energy vibration) into motion. You can do all this without discussing, justifying, arguing, blaming or withdrawing… just imagine!

The caveat to all of this we must embrace is that, we are enough because we exist and so is everybody else!

By learning how to change our minds (conscious and subconscious) we will change our lives, this is the Law of Cause and Effect, through which the entire world is created.

All my posts are written with the intention to share about the natural laws of the universe operating within and without us, and how to apply them as spiritual solutions to any perceived problem in relationship. They are not meant to give you advice, for the spiritual creative intelligent universe is sourced within you to draw from, but rather to create an awareness of being observant, accepting, grateful and ‘lighter’ as we practice giving and receiving love.

Thank you for taking the time to practice being the Love you are, it is a twisty road indeed but the essence of the evolution of our humanity. This is the journey that brings us back into the wholeness and truth of who we are where the mystic marriage of our humanity and our divinity are realized. 

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“Marriage is About Love Not Gender!”

MARRIAGE IS ABOUT LOVE NOT ABOUT SEX ORIENTATION. WE ARE ALL CREATED EQUAL- EQUAL IN OUR DIVERSITY.  There is ONE Cause back of all Life, seen and unseen that is unified, whole and complete in Its nature. We are made from this ‘stuff’, inspired by Love taking its form through the impersonal creative process according to universal law.

To love and be loved is a human right, not a political issue. Just like love is love – marriage is marriage, it isn’t gay love or transgender love nor is it gay marriage.

It is simply marriage and love is sanctified under the eyes of God or this Infinite Creative Intelligent universe because it is out of love or the self-givingness of this intelligence that creation exists at all!

Can compassion for one another’s choices in life and in love, lead us to a world that works for everyone? Compassion, first and foremost as being defined as self-compassion is through one’s fully authentic expression of self, where over truth is revealed with minimum distortion from one’s ego or personality self.

If we took this idea to heart and did our own work, tending our own garden in order to live an authentic life, judgments would be reduced and our ability to see beyond appearances and conditions to a greater truth – the sacredness in all – would be revealed.

Divorce statistics publically share up until 2006 stated that Alberta had the 4th highest rate of divorce with over 8,000; Ontario had over 26,000 in first place.      In 2012 that rose to over 300,000 divorces and separations with a 4/10 percentile of divorces in first marriages. Does this have anything to do with sexual orientation? No.

It has to do with individuals who are looking to another to get their needs met, unrealistic expectations of their partner and limited awareness about how to be self-responsible and self-reliant AS love, in order to create an interdependent relationship rather than a codependent one.

How is love defined here? Traditionally speaking – limited and unrealistic.                                                                                                                                     Life is ever evolving and the policy the Tory Party is looking to amend that states: “between a man and a woman” does need to change to keep up with the expansive and unlimited expressions of loving and being loved, our human right to decide for ourselves how and whom to love.

From a couple of same-sex commitment vows a year in 1999 when I began to officiate weddings and ceremonies I would estimate that 40% of my annual ceremonies are between same-sex couples. Why? Changing laws for one, but truly I believe it is because I attract ‘big love,’ love that doesn’t fit the traditional paradigm, love that has a right to explore its expression in respectful, non-harming ways.

When I perform marriages between those of the same sex or those in transitioning gender identities I use these 2 quotes from Rumi:

“Beyond the concepts of right doing and wrong doing – there is a field… I will meet you there”  

 “I, he, she, we, they in the garden of mystic lovers are not true distinctions”

As I see it, my job is not to judge the individuals who come to me with the intention to enter a sacred marital vow to commit to loving and supporting one another, it is rather to respect, honor and celebrate the love between two individuals.

In writing each ceremony I make it personal to them, focusing on the intention behind their shared values and vision of a life together moving forward.

When same-sex couples first contact me they are either shy or cautious with their wording or have a boldness bordering on extreme assertiveness – but never with a disregard for the sacredness of marriage.

It is those who have always held the privilege without the challenge of judgment, that sometimes look at the ceremonial aspect of sharing their marital vows and commitment  without the respect and seriousness that I feel it should be given.

I have always believed that not only does love transcend form but that it heals anything unlike itself and makes it whole.

To me this life we have all been given, is about discovering the love that we are. We discover this through our individual and unique dances of moving towards love or away from love. Neil Donald Walsh once stated that the thing we want the most is the thing we fear the most, that being love.

What would our world be like if we consciously chose to move towards love more often than not?

I see that humanity is moving in that direction, because it is the calling of every human’s true nature and this is what will support a world working for everyone.