Decided to Leave Your Marital Relationship?

When We Celebrate Endings We Can Move Joyfully And Freely
Into New Beginnings.

In the best of all worlds would you like to maintain the civility between you, provide a safe sanctuary for your children to continue feeling the bond of family; keep close ties with the friends you have both shared during your marriage and be at peace with yourself around your decision to both wed and to divorce? Are you able to see this as a possibility right now?

In some instances working with a Mediator before retaining legal counsel, can save a lot of time, heartache and money. And in some cases legal representation is the right path at the time. No matter your decisions around the materialistic resolve of your divorce, it is important to eliminate the emotional charge you hold against yourself and your partner, in order for you to remember the ‘good’ in each other and honor the gifts given and received during the time shared.

As spiritual counsel and non denominational clergy, I have seen unresolved grief, anger and unnecessary loss of hard earned dollars, break apart families and build walls around the expression of our inherent ability and desire to love.
There is no loss in love. Love is what we are. Suffering is the effect of holding back our true nature – Love. When all is said and done, to live with gratitude in our hearts and minds for the past opens us to life’s potential and, of course to love again.

I invite you to consider when ready, participation in a “DIVORCE CEREMONY” in which you set the intention to make sacred all that you have shared, the good time and challenging times that have brought you to a greater awareness of who and what you are.

This ceremony can be done simply between the two of you or in the presence of children, extended family, close community or in the privacy of your own hearts.

There is much you gave to this world in your commitment to each other and the building of your lives together. Your gifts as individuals will continue to impact others, and the “how” in which you choose to end your relationship has within it the potential to be a powerful blessing to others who undoubtedly will encounter similar sadness and hurt in leaving those they have loved.

I would be happy to confidentially discuss the particulars of your situation and/or provide additional understanding regarding the value of participating in a divorce ceremony.

Divorce Ceremony Outline

The end of a relationship is a passage that can be very painful, but ritual can help alleviate the hurt and hasten the healing. This ritual helps a couple reach closure with their marriage or relationship in a way that the legal paperwork of divorce can never accomplish, allowing each partner to gracefully end an important chapter in his or her life and wish the other well. This ritual works best after the couple has been physically separated for a time, allowing each person time to gain some perspective and calm the raw emotions of breaking up.

Officiant Setting of Intention to Couple/Community and lighting of Marriage Candle

Couples shares the gifts received from the other/ lighting of individual candles

Couple voices their agreement to end their relationship

Couple shares agreement on having given the best of themselves

Couple shares Vows of Freedom

Rings addressed

Couple shares sentiments on moving forward

Couple blows out marriage candle and takes their individual candle and shares their light of love and clarity with their family and friends

Officiant Closing Remarks and Blessing

Ceremony Fee $550
Travel fee, $1.00/km round trip outside of Kelowna City Limits.