Marking the Age of  Sage in Women

In the ‘third act’ of life, women become looked upon as the mentor, the wise sage, the one who wore purple! Much has been experienced in life and it is now a time to pass it along to the Mothers and the Maidens that follow. In this ceremony the ‘sisterhood’ gathers to dance, feast and listen to the stories and wisdom of the one accepting her rite of passage into elderhood.

Croning Ceremony Outline

Most often done outdoors, with the sisterhood preparing the foods for consumption, a fire keeper tending the fire, music in the background throughout and for dancing at the end of the ceremony.

After the eating, (without alcohol consumed at this point) The ceremony begins in a circle around the fire and the calling in of the 4 directions, sometimes a reading and the setting of intention.

The individual being honored is escorted into the circle where either articles or words of blessings are gifted one by one. Here there can be one or two rituals, after which there is a hood cape placed upon the shoulders of the honoree and everyone sits in the circle and asks questions for the sage wisdom to be revealed by response. The ceremony concludes with the honoree walking the circle stopping at each person (they have selected to attend) and silently thanks them for the gifts they have given them in relationship throughout the years, upon which music and merriment (beverages!) flow as drumming and dancing begins!

Ceremony Fee: $1295
Travel fee, $1.00/km round trip outside of Kelowna City Limits.