Celebration of Life

Honoring Life’s Changes

Memorial Ceremonies That Honor
And Celebrate the Eternality of Life

This is a time of profound and often painful reflection by hearts that have committed to love. Together, we will move forward to remember, honor, grieve and celebrate the magnificent Soul of your loved one.

I will create a sacred space where you and your family will be supported in the depth and privacy of your feelings.

Tender and insightful writings will embrace your loved one’s true spiritual essence, honestly capture their presence here on earth and offer you a deeper understanding of yourself and your loss.

This Service will be presented with the reverence, respect, joy, and truth in which your relationship found its meaning.

General Order of Celebration of Life Ceremony

(Approximately 30 minutes – this will change according to the number of speakers)

Family processional/Music Opening Music
Opening Remarks
Reflection Time (music)
Family Eulogy
(Optional open mic for friends)
Family Video Presentation/Music

Closing Remarks
Family Recessional/Music

Individual and Family Services Offered:

  • Pre-Memorial Consultation
  • Memorial Service
  • Grave Side Service
  • Cremation Service
  • Grief/Loss Counseling
  • Assistance in planning a Living Legacy Event for your loved one before they make their transition.

Ceremony Fee: $595
Travel fee, $1.00/km round trip outside of Kelowna City Limits.